This is my cross-stitched corgi and the pattern for all to have. I need to add the text still, which is simply going to say, “fuck all haters” ^____^


Best thing ever


Knit accessories by NeekaKnits “I love all things crafty and handmade, but I have a serious bias when it comes to the knitted. There’s just something so special and comforting about a knitted gift…cozy, practical, and I can’t help but feel like there’s a little bit of love in every stitch. As a knitter, I love the heritage evoked by a good cable or lace pattern. However, as a maker, my passion is taking classic knitting techniques and adding a quirky, colorful twist. I strive to create hip, modern, and wearable knits.”


PapercutMonsters by Joel Kadziolka

“Papercut Monsters are more than just a typical plush toy. They are Art prints that can be enjoyed in a whole new way. Engaging paper collages are scanned and printed directly on to quality fabrics using eco-friendly inks and printing processes.

I started making my Papercut Monsters as part of a craft fair project for an illustration class and found it very relaxing and rewarding. I hope these fun quirky monsters can bring you as much joy as I had making them.”


At Comics: Philosophy and Practice this weekend in Chicago, Chris Ware revealed more details about his highly-anticipated latest project, Building Stories, coming from Pantheon this October. As attendee Kathleen Dunley put it, Building Stories is “many little books in a beautiful box.”

Stay tuned, we can’t wait to share more of this exciting new graphic novel with you.

“Chris Ware’s BUILDING STORIES is the rarest kind of brilliance; it is simultaneously heartbreaking, hilarious, shockingly intimate and deeply insightful. There isn’t a graphic artist alive or dead who has used the form this wonderfully to convey the passage of time, loneliness, longing, frustration or bliss. It is the reader’s choice where and how to begin this monumental work — the only regret you will have in starting it is knowing that it will end.”

- J.J. Abrams